For our gas and power end user partners

We offer our free market partners the following services on top of security of supply, and stable long-term co-operation:


  • The establishment of an energy portfolio optimised in accordance with individual requirements
  • Products formulated with consideration for individual requirements
  • Contact with our experienced, qualified colleagues
  • Innovative pricing, flexible or fixed priced services
  • Flexible payment and invoicing conditions
  • Competitive price
  • International business contacts
  • Guaranteed security of supply, stable source of supply
  • Consultancy
  • Stable parent company background

For our trading partners

On the natural gas market we offer the following individually tailored short or long term solutions:

  • Flator flexible natural gas supply
  • Natural gas logistic services
  • Supplementary flexibility provision / virtual storage services
  • Risk management services

On the power market we offer for our trade and wholesale partners the following:

  • traditional Trading Floor and Risk Management products and services
  • tailor-made IT platform, development of own portfolio within MET Power Front-Office system
  • interruptible power offtake and delivery
  • extendable delivery purchase and sales contracts
  • trading physical location and time swaps for regional electricity markets
  • furthermore providing power reserves for system operators and OTC partners in the secondary market